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"Early in the journey you wonder how long the journey will take and whether you will make it in this lifetime. Later you will see that where you are going is here and you will arrive you stop asking.”  -Ram Dass

A foundation in Social Work

When I was 11 years old, I saw a social worker on my favorite TV show and immediately wanted to be one. I nurtured my little dream all the way to the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with my Bachelors of Social Work in 2004.  I worked primarily in social justice for many years and discovered my sassiness was finally put to good use advocating for marginalized communities. However, after nearly a decade of fighting, protesting and arguing across courtrooms, state capitals, and schools in Texas - the stress and long hours required started to take a toll on my body. Then someone recommended I try acupuncture....

Acupuncture, Herbalism, & Qigong

When my acupuncturist inserted my first needle, I knew immediately this was the type of healing I wanted to bring more of into the world. And just a few months later began studying East Asian medicine. In 2013, I received my Masters in Acupuncture and O. Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. During my time at AOMA, I became a passionate herbalist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and was also introduced to Western and Folk herbalism from other wonderful teachers. I love having a relationship to plants and feel deeply connected to their medicine. 

I spent 4 years studying weekly with qigong Master Li Junfeng. Master Li taught me that unconditional love is the most powerful medicine. I am forever grateful for his corrections, encouragement, and belief in me. I am a much better practitioner because of him. 

After graduation, I fell in love with the gentle and powerful approach of Hari Style Japanese acupuncture with T. Koei Kuwahara.  To me, Kuwahara sensei is a brave revolutionary. He embodies gentleness as a super power and that your true genius rests in being yourself. I am so thankful for his willingness to teach the mysteries in a practical way, and I am honored to carry his work forward in the classes I teach today. 

HeatherAsh Amara, a big leap forward...

In 2009, I met HeatherAsh Amara, a long time apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz-the author of the 4 Agreements at a spoon bending class she offered at AOMA. Shortly after I began studying at the Toltec Center of Creative Intent. She taught me how to fall in love with my life, quiet my mind, and open to much larger possibilities.  I became a certified Sundoor Fire Walk instructor in 2018 through her training, and also received a coaching certification from her student in the Artist of the Spirit program in 2015. Through the years I became trained and certified to teach her work. Currently, HeatherAsh and I create and teach leadership programs that train facilitators and coaches on an unconditional style of leadership. I have a tremendous amount gratitude for her love and persistent belief in me.

Complete Human Astrology

Astrology, as well as the Tarot have been a daily practice and study for me for many years. Learning these subjects, especially astrology, has felt like coming home with ease, and it lights me up to teach and offer this tool to others. Complete Human Astrology is my unique creation based on my life experience serving people in many different ways. It combines the art of self awareness, personal development, self belief rewire, and energy work - all using the amazing language of astrology.  I believe astrology is a language that can help us to understand our energy better and to help us embrace and honor the cycles or ups and downs of our life more.  I am always honored to sit with people as they unlock gems about themselves and learn more about their birth chart - and therefore learn and remember more about themselves. I do believe people are magic, and I love the 'ah ha' moments we share together.

I am thankful for the contribution of many teachers, however the astrologers - A.T. Mann, Rob Brezsny, Liz Greene, Demetra George, Stephen Arroyo, and Will Morris - have had the greatest impact on my work. The recorded work of Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies have also radically changed my perception on the Tarot and Tree of Life in the best ways possible and I am forever grateful for their contribution.


Online School

I have woven all of my learning and experiences into the creation of an online school-The Sun, the Star, the Moon, llc.  There I offer products, apprenticeships, and teach class on astrology, Tarot, and other topics surrounding energy practices. I also work along side many other wonderful teachers.

You can visit: for more information.

Lastly and most importantly, I strive to create spaces that are inclusive and I remain a committed ally with systemically minorized groups, the LGBTQIA2+ and nonbinary communities.  

With tremendous love and respect, thank you.  Big love.

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