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Full Moon in Aries

October 20, 2021

A Sassy Moon

The full moon in Aries on October 20 at 8:56am MT has a lot of punch to it. Mars in Libra is opposing the moon in Aries. Happily, Mercury is now direct- however most of us are quite exhausted from it. The full moon is a great day for self promotion and creativity- however the Aries-Libra opposition teaches us to balance our Aries egoic nature and individual needs with Libra's focus on relationships and others. Sometimes when we forget to keep these both in balance- our world becomes quite frustrating and depleted, which is quite possible today.

Integrating this Full Moon with Practical Astrology:

Channeling our emotion into something greater..... I remember being in the 4th grade and kids making fun of me for my over bite. Nobody really wanted to be my friend. And I distinctly remember the moment my little brain thought... "well this is total crap." I dug my little heels in- fueled by my sadness, anger, tears, and rejection and crafted a new plan. .I began a sticker club. I loved stickers, had an amazing collection, and nobody at school collected stickers. I took a chance and brought my albums to school and started asking people if they would like to start a collection so we could trade together. Success. After a few weeks we created a club complete with hand made, laminated (thanks dad) membership cards. I even showed everyone how to make their own sticker albums. I also became the 'expert sticker broker.' I had a real eye. ;) Fast forward, a few days ago I was having a seriously good cry in my car. I was feeling defeated around a relationship and randomly remembered this 4th grade memory of glory and perseverance. Emotions are energy. And if we begin re directing the energy back into the places that fuel our life- like love- we deepen and ground in amazing ways. We can actually get the things we need- within ourselves mainly and within the relationships that show up because of it. Something really powerful happens when we realize life is never out to harm us, although we can feel deeply hurt and that's okay too. The frustration, rejection, emotion- all of it- actually moves us to the place we are meant to be-because that is what energy does: it changes us, inspires us to move and transforms us. I realized my entire transformational career was based off of that 4th grade wisdom: Be brave and still choose love, again and again. Now think of your own life, beloveds... How do you handle your frustration? How can you begin listening to your emotions and allowing them to fuel your love and not shut down, avoid, reject or lash out? How many times have you already used big emotion to steer your life in a brand new direction that landed you in a much better place in the long run? It's funny how frequently through our life we forget how strong and creative we actually are. So this full moon, hang in there- and remember-you got this because you already got HERE.. Love you, M.


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