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Full Moon in Scorpio: Tender Awakenings

April 26, 2021

This full moon in Scorpio I encourage you to take gentle care.

This supermoon is a lovely time to get realistic about changes, transformation, and going deep within ourselves to find our truth and let go.

May we remain loving with ourselves no matter what.


I wrote you a love letter.

Here goes...


May you hold your connection to life as you 'wake up' to yourself today, precious one.

You kiss the ground with your originality, the beat that only you can create-as you swing your arms and tap your toes.

You bless the field every time you laugh or cry or sing or speak- liberating the space with your unforgettable anthem.

And as you treasure all things in your life, big or small- you create a field of praise and happiness for others to pass through. Even after you have moved on or said nothing at all.

You are an entire symphony of beauty, by just being who you are.

Today, may you connect and remember a thousand times over- you picked the absolute most perfect time to heal us all by being you..

Feel deeply today AND tell yourself the truth...

(You are love)



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