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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: I Cannot Ignore this any Longer

May 26, 2021

This full moon is also a total lunar eclipse. Making it a different kind of full moon experience. This is not the full moon you lay all your crystals out and spend hours drenching yourself in its light.... Well, you can...but know it may not be pleasant for some of you. The illumination and energy it provides can help reveal our "shadow"-collectively speaking and within ourselves. Normally in transpersonal work, we label something "a shadow" because it is an aspect within ourselves or life that can be hard to see, possibly vague in shape and size, and it may have a lurking fear-based quality that we don't want to admit is there. Therefore this full moon lunar eclipse has the potential to illuminate those hidden crevices we have been ignoring in our life because they might be uncomfortable. These can be the patterns we have grown very tired of and know are no longer serving our greater good... You may realize you have a pattern of exhausting and hurting yourself in order to be overly accommodating and liked by others. You could possibly realize a relationship is draining you financially and weighing you down and holding you back. You could realize an irrational fear you've had for years is hurting you and causing you to freeze and you are ready to let it go. And no matter what is revealed for you, my greatest question for you is.... Can you, no matter what, hold yourself with the deepest respect, love, worship and trust for life? Can you sit and recognize all of your perfection through the "mess," change, "need to be different" and trust your transformation is perfectly on time and will unfold at its own pace? Nothing sharp or hurtful or forced needs to happen within can begin to fall away once we open and realize what we need to do. This full moon is in Sagittarius and Sag has big faith, hope and optimism. So please remember these qualities as we weave our own love and respect into our transformation and things we wish to change. Ever have the experience where you finally clean out the closet or drawer or area of the garage that has the huge pile of stuff you don't like addressing? Remember how accomplished and free you feel after you do and stand there to admire all the "new clean space/" That is the gift that eclipse season brings. And equally remembering what it took to get had to have the willingness to look at "the pile," address it, then patiently take one piece at a time to clean and clear it out.

Patience darlings.

Eclipse season is really a beautiful birth canal of change. And we get it every year. So don't worry, you have already totally done this before, you got this. I love you, Now let that shit go, ;) M. Picture: The first moment I stepped foot in New Mexico, August 19, 2016. I somehow knew in that very moment everything must change for me. And now in 2021, its unsuspectingly my home. It took a little bit of time to "fully" get here....;) Big love darlings...


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