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It's Fine, Ill Do it Myself. Wait, What do you think?

New Moon in Cancer July 9, 2021

Throughout the journey of our lives, at certain points, we have likely fluctuated in our belief systems. One belief possibly being: "I don't need anyone's help, I can do it myself!" to "I need as many people's advice as possible, quick, phone the entire village!"

Or another way of looking at this might be...

"I know best, I can do it best, it's the safest route to do it myself. Other people will totally let me down or do it wrong!" "Oh sh*t I can't trust myself. I am doing it wrong. Maybe they know. Do you know? How about you?"

Fun, right?

No. Not fun.

And between the two extremes we may even have a life long preference or a favorite. Aw.

I remember I went through my entire 20s thinking I knew everything. Then going through my 30s thinking I knew nothing. Now entering my 40s thinking, well, its actually both.

So guess what Mary thinks...don't worry sweethearts you actually need both! We need each other and we can do it ourselves.


This New Moon, I would love for you to check in and see if you are unknowingly depleting yourselves by leaning too heavily into one of these beliefs. Where in your life can you bring much more trust, love, support and nurturing? We need our own unique sense of balance and that may look differently all the time-whether that is asking for more help from friends, family, service care providers or spending time alone savoring your space and gently caring for ourselves. Both approaches are in fact self care.

Self care can simply be- trusting ourselves to give ourselves exactly what we need. Self care can be creating a safe and loving environment for ourselves-whether that environment is our body, mind, work, home, all of the above.. whether that looks like soliciting support from things outside of ourselves or not.

New moons are about new beginnings and this New Moon in Cancer is really about jump starting your needs and self care in some way. So I invite can you do this?

And please don't torture yourselves.

If you hate yoga, you hate yoga...if you can't swallow the bran muffin, please stop...if you really can't stomach asking Aunt Janice to move the couch, don't. What is a shift you can commit to that is nurturing for you even if it is new?

I love you,



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