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New Moon in Aries: Our Bravery

April 11/12, 2021

Our Bravery.

This New Moon in Aries (and really this whole week) has a bright, bold, burning flame of newness. It's moving us into the next phase of our journey with tremendous energy for the spring. This energy is intending to guide us towards our own unique sense of power, leadership, and creation- as well as leading us towards our innovation by driving our minds and hearts into action . You may even notice you feel very brave right now....and this is what I want to speak to....bravery.

Nearly every time I sit down to write something for the public, I feel some degree of fear or apprehension.


Either before I start to write, during, and/or after. I may always feel this apprehension or it may get easier- either way, I am not stopping. No matter what. I have also discovered I have far more energy to move through my fear when I remember to do the following things.....

-Listen to my own heart. Slow down

-Ask life for help then trust what comes

-Tell life "thank you" prayer, action, meditation, dancing

-Trust that life will always redirect me if I lose my way and I won't miss anything, I promise to pay attention

-Believe that the love and energy I bring forward on anything is NEVER lost

-Commit to understanding my mind- its limitations and its gifts

-Lean into the love and the wisdom of my own self and don't get lost in comparison or judgement of myself or others

-Surround myself with people that are open about their fear, but then do whatever they are called to do anyway. Time and time again, the leaders I love and respect name their fear then move from that honest place to change the entire world.

So my recommendation is if you feel this fire power bravery right now- please remember to bring ALL of yourself forward towards it.... Your fear. The parts of you that need to be nurtured. The elements that need to stay in balance in order to remain in healthy relationship. The dreams of your heart. The desires of your soul. The mental drive that leads you towards manifestation with brilliant gifts, financial gains and wonderful ideas. All of it. Let this light, light you up and allow you to step forward by telling yourself the truth- then nurturing yourself not just throwing yourself over an edge. Play with the space where you can step towards something else without letting yourself go. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of our world.

I love you,


Learning the basic concepts of astrology can help inspire more compassion for ourselves and our world. I have a Foundational Astrology Course for Beginners starting April 27, for more information visit: Big Love.


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