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New Moon in Leo: A Much Needed Coffee Break for the Heart Bully

Practical Astrology with Mary: August 8, 2021

A Much Needed Coffee Break for the Heart Bully

Things happen, life happens...

Someone breaks up with us...

Our bank account gets hacked...

We can't find our keys...

A loved one moves away...

Things happen.

Then, we feel the impact of the thing that just happened and it's usually followed by a big emotion.

Sometimes, we never want to feel that thing again.

And in an effort to never feel the thing ever again, we may begin armoring and guarding our hearts, even unknowingly. We may even hire a tough aspect of our personality...our mental judge who takes no nonsense, our inner protector who carries a big sword, or some other brain voice that barks commands and steers us away from things.

I named my "heart body guard" Bertha. She wears running shoes, uses the F word a lot and tells everyone to back off or she's outta here.

However, I noticed the longer I employed Bertha to guard my heart, I felt a growing sense of numbness and even a spike in my anxiety. And after a tremendous amount of discomfort, I finally realized Bertha was actually blocking all the feelings I was having, not just the ones I didn't want to feel. Putting walls up around my heart was not only blocking stuff I was perceiving as a threat, but I was also unknowingly blocking my love for others and even my love for myself in the process. I was also missing some pretty amazing stuff. I had become so preoccupied in trying to stop things from coming in, I had forgotten that opening to life is actually the thing that helps me feel the most free and safe. Through time, I also developed the awareness that my heart knows exactly what it is doing, it's my mind that needs the coaxing and soothing.

This New Moon is really about maintaining our open connection to ourselves and our own heart no matter what is happening outside of ourselves and that this deep connection is in fact the amazing space we can gather the most strength, patience and perseverance to get through just about anything. So today, please spend a few minutes tapping into the wisdom of your heart because it is certainly there even when we have forgotten. Place your hands over its beat, slow down and feel your breathe and write, create, and love in exactly the ways this can bring joy to your life. Our hearts can show us how to trust by just continually beating- as they pulsate and create their own unique rhythm that keep us connected to it all.

I also invite you to tell your version of your "Bertha" thank you- you appreciate the effort AND they can take a coffee break, even for just a minute, so you can relax into and listen to your own heart's groove.... its magic my darlings....

All my love,



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