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New Moon in Libra

October 6, 2021

This New Moon's energy is blended with the planets Mars and Mercury and is also making a hard aspect to Uranus.

Mercury is also retrograde. Translation: there is a whole lot of energy being potentially directed into a core matter we may need to clean up, take a second look at, harmonize, and/or renegotiate.

And sometimes we really do not enjoy cleaning things up or taking a second look at things. This is usually because our little ego selves hate being wrong about anything- so the idea of examining things a new way or another time is very very scary to us.

So instead...

Maybe we distract by starting a new project or relationship...

Maybe we start re organizing our sock drawer...

Maybe we zone out with a Netflix binge...

But usually we can't sit still.

And sometimes if we do not move or expend our energy in some way, we are not sure how to store it or what to do with it especially when we feel anxious or restless or even irritable.

However, this is life's little way of helping us clean.

This New Moon is about high energy and what we choose to do with it.

And despite the potential friction or discomfort my recommendation is that you choose wisely. In times of overwhelm, keep it simple: do I choose to move from fear or do I choose to move from love and do I have the courage to tell myself the truth? Is there something here for me to clean up?

Good Luck!

I love you my littl' pumpkins,



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