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New Moon in Taurus: Slowing Down

May 11, 2021

It's already been quite a year, darlings.

And I have been so demanding of you! In each moon writing urging you to look at your feelings, try new things, take yourself on dates, be brave, love other people...on and on!...Jeesh. ;)

You may be wondering "Good night Mary, when can we just get a break already?!"

So this month, in full sexy Taurus form, let's talk about rest and giving our bodies what they need.

What happens for you when you slow down? Like really, yummy, slow down?

And let me clarify, not 'watching Netflix slow down' or 'jump on Facebook slow down' (although that may be fun!)

Just really pausing and sitting or laying down somewhere super comfortable, and amazingly doing NOTHING.

As you slow down, see if you can deeply feel your breath, your heart and what your body feels and might be craving.


Good foods.

Joyful movement.

Time outside.

Belly laughs.

Holding someone's hand.

Reading that book you haven't gotten to.

Let's use this moon to rest, recalibrate and nurture ourselves.

At the end of this month, things will pick up again with eclipse season and Mercury retrograde- so take some fabulous 'me time' now.

Enjoy chilling my babies...


M. Photo: Me laying down in the Amazon Basin. My most comfortable place ;) Miss you dear Peru.


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