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Open. Carry On...

Full Moon in Capricorn June 24, 2021

The last New Moon Solar Eclipse I spent in silence. I didn't write a blog and I didn't speak live on social media.

I took time to listen to myself, life, and what was next.

Many remarkable things can happen during eclipse season. Unexpected and clarifying conversations, beginnings and endings, meaningful people step forward, and the discomfort can be so strong- we are compelled to make lasting changes or move in new directions. Some of this may have been inspiring and some of this may have been really uncomfortable, and maybe a little bit of both.

We have also been under a tremendous amount of push-pull, energy as well...wanting to break free and equally understanding the costs, responsibilities, and consequences of our choices.

During this helpful full moon in Capricorn, we can choose to seize a precious opportunity and step into this moon's optimistic expansion and energy and channel it towards the next chapter of our lives. We can also carry with us all we have learned about ourselves in the last couple months.

Again, eclipse season acts powerfully as an agent of change moving us towards our greatest sense of purpose and destiny and so now what would you like to carry forward?

May you...

Re Align

Create yet again

Open to flow

And Trust the Process.

And may you also continue to embrace your dearest calling and the direction of your dreams.

Big juicy galactic love babies,



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